Subscribe the notification of another app. #2

Case of Hangouts, if a user not check the notification of Hangouts,
receive message like “2 unread message.” without real content.
Only Hangouts…

Therefore, when receive a notification every time, i’ll clear the notification.

Available access the context of another application. But can’t modify.
If modified that, it caused Security Exception.

call cancel() in notificationManager of remote context….

10-27 12:22:09.525: E/AndroidRuntime(5055): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start receiver com.mypackage.MyReceiver: java.lang.SecurityException: Calling uid 10141 gave package which is owned by uid 10152

I tried googling hard… but coundn’t.
Finally, I found it.
notification.deleteIntent.send(context,0,new Intent());
Add just one line like this.
In addition, run the notification by “notification.contentIntent”

One thought on “Subscribe the notification of another app. #2”

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