Developing Chat-On…

Because so busy up to today, can’t care a snap till lately.

I think application will be updated this week.

I’ll publish Chat-On extension requested and add functions of the menu key.

I will not change this application to ‘Paid’ application. And will keep ‘Free’ application.

Two button appearance when long-click in a list page or press the menu key in a detail page(version 1.4.2).
The top button makes delete all messages, and the bottom button makes delete the message.
Sorry that have so poor sense of design…

4 thoughts on “Developing Chat-On…”

  1. about a hangouts smart extension..

    after installation and activation in the Setup menu of special opportunities .. change language does not work in a standard keyboard samsung s3(space button left/right). after disabling extension… all become works. sgs3 android4.3

    1. That is Samsung Default Keyboard’s bug on SGS.
      Please install another keyboard application like google keyboard. For more details, check “How to install and set google keyboard at play store.” on this page

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