Messenger smart extension updated – 1.5.0

UPDATED 14.05.12–
Line, Skype and WhatsApp extension application have been removed from the Google Play Store.
For download, please visit HERE
UPDATED 14.05.12–

Now available not only Hangouts, KakaoTalk, Line and MyPeople, but also added WhatsApp, ChatOn and Skype.


LINE notification Hangouts notification
KakaoTalk notification MyPeople notification
Skype notification ChatOn notification
WhatsApp notification


If IM extension was out of service after this update,
I’m sorry, but delete and reinstall it, then reboot your phone please.

(System Setting > Application > xxx SMART WATCH EXTENSION > Remove)

Hangouts extension – Fixed the problem that your phone can’t receive messages.

ChatOn – I can’t test on Android 4.1 or later device, because ChatOn Messanger is not support Nexus7(my test device).

WhatsApp – I can’t test on Android 4.1 or later device also, because WhatsApp Messanger is not support Android ART before Android 4.4.1

WhatsApp / ChatOn / Hangouts – When receive two or more messages, can display all the messages with ONLY android 4.1 or later.

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Messenger smart extension updated – 1.5.0”

  1. Function To display all notifications if i got more than one is not working! It says “3 new messages” but I can’t read those messages!

  2. hi i work for Sony latin America and i interesting in talk about your app for Smart extension for whats app, i thinks have a lot of potential and i want a know if will be online again soon or how i can help you to have it online again.



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