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Developing Chat-On…

Because so busy up to today, can’t care a snap till lately.

I think application will be updated this week.

I’ll publish Chat-On extension requested and add functions of the menu key.

I will not change this application to ‘Paid’ application. And will keep ‘Free’ application.

Two button appearance when long-click in a list page or press the menu key in a detail page(version 1.4.2).
The top button makes delete all messages, and the bottom button makes delete the message.
Sorry that have so poor sense of design…

Store Drawable extracted from ImageView of another app(another developer’s) as a file.

Store Drawable extracted from ImageView of another app(another developers) as a file, and send the file Uri.

                             contactDrawable = MyUtil.extractImage(context, root);
                             Bitmap bitmap = Bitmap.createBitmap(drawable.getIntrinsicWidth(),
                                           drawable.getIntrinsicHeight(), Config.ARGB_8888);
                             Canvas canvas = new Canvas(bitmap);
                             drawable.setBounds(0, 0, canvas.getWidth(), canvas.getHeight());
                                   if (drawable instanceof BitmapDrawable) {
                                 bitmap = ((BitmapDrawable)drawable).getBitmap();
                                 try {
                                         String extStorageDirectory = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory
                                         File mDir = new File(extStorageDirectory + “/SW2Line/”);
                                     FileOutputStream out = new FileOutputStream(extStorageDirectory +
                                     bitmap.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.PNG, 90, out);
                                     contactIcon = Uri.fromFile(new File(extStorageDirectory +
                                     LogControl.i(TAG,“out toString = “ + contactIcon );
                                 } catch (Exception e) {
                         }catch(Exception e) {e.printStackTrace(); contactIcon = “”;}

Extract a Instance of specific class RemoteViews which don’t know to how to make.

Extract a Instance of specific class RemoteViews which I don’t know to how to make.

Return instance that i’m looking for.

If type == 0, then return a instance first found.
If type == 1, then return a instance second found.

The problem is, because of tree search, maybe return different value depending on the situation.

ex) find a instance of TextView in RemoteViews.

count is a static variable.

      static public TextView extractTextView(Context context, RemoteViews views, int type) {
        Context remotePackageContext ;
        remotePackageContext  = context.getApplicationContext();
              remotePackageContext = context.createPackageContext(TARGET_PACKAGE, 0);
        }catch(Exception e){;}
        LinearLayout ll = new LinearLayout(remotePackageContext );
        View view = views.apply(remotePackageContext, ll);
        count = 0;
        LogControl.i(TAG, “msg = ” + searchForTextView(view,2).getText().toString());
        count = 0;
        return searchForTextView(view,type);
    static public TextView searchForTextView(View view, int duration) {
        if (view instanceof TextView) {
              TextView textView = (TextView)view;
              String text = textView.getText().toString();
              count ++;
              LogControl.i(TAG, “tview string = ” + text);
              if(textView.getTag() == null && count > duration){
                   return (TextView)view;

        if (view instanceof ViewGroup) {
            ViewGroup viewGroup = (ViewGroup) view;
            for (int i = 0; i < viewGroup.getChildCount(); i++) {
                TextView result = searchForTextView(viewGroup.getChildAt(i), duration);
                if (result != null) {
                     if(count > duration)
                           return result;
        return null;

Messengers Smart Extension

UPDATED 14.05.12–
Line, Skype and WhatsApp extension application have been removed from the Google Play Store.
For download, please visit HERE
UPDATED 14.05.12–

Hello, there. It’s Messengers Smart Extension.

I developed Smart Extension of Hangouts, LINE, My People and Kakao Talk.


If you use two or more my Smart Extension, please turn on only one accessibility option from among there. (It’s not required. But maybe more safe.)

Because application receive all message into watch, there is no more notification on your phone. (be cleared notiifcation)

If can’t see contact image on your watch, try select another option in Smart Connect of “Arrange Contact Image”. The option is different each other.


– delete message through menu key on watch.
– fix some crash problem.
– show contact image on ICS device also

Honestly, I don’t use messengers, frequently.
Leave opinions or questions by REPLY, please

Subscribe the notification of another app. #2

Case of Hangouts, if a user not check the notification of Hangouts,
receive message like “2 unread message.” without real content.
Only Hangouts…

Therefore, when receive a notification every time, i’ll clear the notification.

Available access the context of another application. But can’t modify.
If modified that, it caused Security Exception.

call cancel() in notificationManager of remote context….

10-27 12:22:09.525: E/AndroidRuntime(5055): java.lang.RuntimeException: Unable to start receiver com.mypackage.MyReceiver: java.lang.SecurityException: Calling uid 10141 gave package which is owned by uid 10152

I tried googling hard… but coundn’t.
Finally, I found it.
notification.deleteIntent.send(context,0,new Intent());
Add just one line like this.
In addition, run the notification by “notification.contentIntent”